What is ZeroMail?
ZeroMail helps you keep your inbox clean. Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters, put others in a daily digest or delay them during working hours.
Sounds great, but what is it really?
ZeroMail is an add-on to Gmail that finds out everything you're subscribed to, like newsletters, notifications, job listings, real estate updates, etc. For all of these we allow you to unsubscribe with one click or put them in a daily digest.
How do I sign up for ZeroMail?
Go to the homepage and click the Sign Up link. You will be asked to give ZeroMail access to your Gmail. Accept this and after a few minutes of analysing your inbox, you'll see the setiings page. This page will show all your email subscriptions.
What happens after I sign up?
ZeroMail will take a few minutes to analyse your inbox. No changes will be made to your email during sign-up at all. After sign-up you can choose
So this is just for newsletters?
No, we detect all types of automated emails such as newsletters, Facebook notifications, Invoices, Bank Statements, Daily Deals, Real Estate updates as well as forums. Per subscription or serivce you can decide control what happens.
Do you only support Gmail?
The personal version of ZeroMail is only available for Gmail. For companies we have both hosted and 'behind the firewall' solutions. Contact us at info@zeromail.com for more info.
What about privacy?
We understand your privacy is very important to you and take this very seriously. We retrieve and store only information that is needed to provide the ZeroMail service to you. We don't provide any personal information to third parties.
Does ZeroMail store my login information?
We use Gmail OAuth to access your email, so we don't have or store your password. You can revoke access anytime in your Gmail settings.
Why is your service free? What's the catch?
While the personal version is free, our corporate version is paid. We use the free version to showcase our technology and we use your feedback to enhance the quality and accuracy of our filters, which benefits both you and our corporate users.
How do I close my account?
We're sorry to see you leave, but you can close your account here