author Bart Jellema, 23 Mar 2015

With about 400 new emails entering my inbox each day, how do I stay zen? A simple combination of Gmail settings and ZeroMail. Lets walk through it...

First things first. We need to make sure all our newsletters, subscriptions, etc stay out of our inbox. So in ZeroMail, I've set my default to Digest and many services are set to Block. This reduces my load from 400/day to about 20 or so.

Screenshot of ZeroMail Setup

For those I have setup Priority Inbox to show me starred emails first. These are emails that I still need to action. The next section is my new unread email and the last section is my new read email. When I'm done with an email I archive it. This way my inbox mostly just consists of a few starred items and nothing else.

Screenshot of ZeroMail Setup

I don't read my newsletters in Gmail and I don't even really read the daily digest from ZeroMail. Instead, every day or two I log into ZeroMail, click the Digest menu option and scroll through all my new newsletters. For anything I don't find useful, I click Block to block future mailings. Everything I've read won't show up next time, so I just scroll through until I've checked it all, actioning anything that needs it.

This way I focus on the important stuff that comes through email first, but also don't miss anything important that might come through Newsletters, etc.

author Bart Jellema, 21 Mar 2015

We've just added a new feature that allows you to set a default action for all existing and newly received newsletters and forums.

Screenshot of Default Action

We highly recommend setting this option to digest. This will mean that all newsletters will go into your digest until you choose another option for that newsletter. This will instantly close the floodgates and your inbox will continue to only receive real email from real people.

If you want to check what has gone into your digest, you can simply look at the ZeroMail label in Gmail or you can go to ZeroMail and select 'Digest' from the menu.

Now all it takes it 3 clicks: The first click is the Sign Up button on the homepage, the second is for allowing ZeroMail access to your Gmail and the last one is to set your default action to 'digest'. Enjoy!

author Bart Jellema, 11 Nov 2014

Ok, so it's not a black and white world of spam and not spam. Let's start with person-to-person email. This is the reason we use email and this is what you don't want to miss! On the other side of the spectrum there's True Spam. These messages are bulk, unsolicited and unwanted. You didn't subscribe to these and you can't unsubscribe or even find out who's really behind these. Spam filter take care of these.

But wait, there's much more! Any bulk message that you opted to receive. These make up over 30% of corporate email. Different names have been invented for all or some of the messages in this group such as bulk mail, graymail and bacn. Some of these are of critical value, others are worthless. A good way to look at this is to ask the question: When would you like to receive this message? Now, sometime or never.